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The Black Horse Campground mystery series

Cool pines.  Beautiful mountains.  Good friends who band together as tight as a family when things get tough.  What more could you ask for?  Welcome to the Black Horse Campground mystery series!  Set in south central New Mexico, near Lincoln County (where else would you find Bonney County??), the Black Horse Campground is hosted by owner, Corrie Black, and a group of friends who live and work together to make their hometown a great place to visit. 

But what happens when murder becomes an unwelcome guest?

End of the Road

The first book in the series

Winner of the 2012 Dark Oak Mystery Contest!


The annual spring motorcycle rally in nearby Ruidoso, NM, brings several bikers to Bonney County and the Black Horse, including J. D. Wilder, who appears in the middle of the night and has little to say about himself. While Corrie doesn't feel particularly threatened by the appearance of the dangerously attractive and mysterious guest, Sheriff Rick Sutton, Corrie's friend since childhood and old high school flame, is positive that J. D. is nothing but trouble. 


But when an elderly long-time guest, Marvin Landry, is found shot to death in his own RV, with his disabled wife, Betty, locked in the bathroom and fifty thousand dollars missing from the RV's bedroom, there are suddenly a number of other guests who might have had reason to commit murder--from Betty's suspiciously secretive son to year-round guests who have a hush-hush business they were offering to Marvin. 


Soon Corrie can't tell who she can and can't trust... and it could just as easily be the end of the road for her!

No Lifeguard on Duty

The second book in the series


Summer is coming and at the Black Horse Campground in Bonney County, New Mexico that means warm sunny days, a cool refreshing pool... and murder?


Corrie Black and her friends are ready to welcome the summer camping season with a party to celebrate opening the swimming pool... but murder becomes an unwelcome guest!


The shock of discovering Krista Otero's body in the pool the morning after the party is bad enough... what's worse is that it wasn't an accident. And what's more confusing is that Krista's closest friends all have something to hide.


Despite opposition from Bonney County's finest, Corrie is determined to find out who used her swimming pool as a murder weapon and who is using her home as a base for illegal activities. but someone wants to keep Corrie out of their business... even if it means killing again!

No Vacancy

The third book in the series



So reads the note shoved under the door of the Black Horse Campground store as Corrie Black and her staff celebrate the first "no vacancy" day of the season. But is the note meant to be a warning... or a threat?


When a man suspected of writing the note is found dead in a cabin, it seems that the threat is averted. Until the man's identity is revealed. Someone from Corrie's past. Someone who knew a lot about the Black Horse family... a lot more than even Corrie knew....


With the help of Bonney County Sheriff Rick Sutton and former Houston PD Lieutenant J.D. Wilder, Corrie has to dig into the past, into secrets that her parents kept, to find out who is threatening her and the Black Horse Campground and what it is they want from Corrie. But the deeper she digs, the more she finds out things that could change her life forever... if not end it!

At the Crossroad

The fourth book in the series


Trouble often comes in threes. It's no different at the Black Horse Campground.


On his first day as detective with the Bonney Police Department, J.D. Wilder finds three cold case files on his desk—three women who have disappeared over a fifteen year period at five year intervals. It seems that no one has ever taken the cases seriously... or even properly investigated them.


Then J.D. receives a visit from two former colleagues who inform him that he's about to receive another visitor; a woman from his past who is in trouble and needs his help. Again. The timing couldn't be worse, since he's finally about to ask Corrie on a date, but then Corrie also has a visitor from her past show up... someone who's hoping for a second chance with her. In the meantime, Sheriff Rick Sutton has his hands full dodging his ex-wife, Meghan, who insists on discussing personal business with him... business that has to do with digging up a painful past.


When three bodies are discovered that prove the missing women were murdered, J.D.'s investigation reveals that all of their visitors have some connection to the victims. But which one of them killed three women... and is prepared to kill again?


When trouble comes to Bonney County, Corrie, Rick, and J.D. band together to protect each other and their community. But can they solve the mystery before the murderer strikes again?

A Summer to Remember

The fifth book in the series


It's been a memorable year at the Black Horse Campground. But someone wants certain things forgotten....

After Bonney Police detective J.D. Wilder wraps up three cold-case murders, believing that the murderer was his former partner, he tries to focus on his personal life in his new hometown and his budding relationship with Corrie Black, owner of the Black Horse Campground.

When he receives information that proves his former partner wasn't the murderer, the case is reopened with the knowledge and urgency that the killer is poised to strike again. But who held a grudge against the three cold-case victims... and who is that person's next target? With the help of Bonney County Sheriff Rick Sutton, J.D. probes the memories of several Bonney residents who knew the victims and begins to make connections.

Then another death occurs and while J.D. and Rick are investigating, Corrie is attacked. The attacker and the cold-case murderer could be the same person, but Corrie's condition is critical and she's lost her memories of the entire previous year... including the identity of her attacker and even having met J.D. Will she survive long enough to remember what happened? Or will she end up as a memory and the murderer gets away once again?

Fiesta of Fear
The sixth book in the series


Corrie Black, owner of the Black Horse Campground in Bonney County, New Mexico, has her hands full. Not only does she find herself offering the campground to host the annual San Ignacio church fiesta, she's also helping her best friend deal with a missing ex-husband and a troubled teenager, as well as trying to keep the peace between the parish's two most vocal members.

When the high school principal is found dead in the church cemetery, it's only one of several mysteries Corrie has to tackle. Who are the "ghost girls"? What is causing Shelli's son, Mark Jr., to act up in school and get into so much trouble? What is causing so much trouble between the church secretary and the church treasurer? Is there a connection between all of them and the murdered principal? And most importantly to Corrie, what is the secret her coworker and friend, RaeLynn Shaffer, is hiding?

With the help of Bonney County Sheriff Rick Sutton and Bonney Detective J.D. Wilder, Corrie tries to unravel the threads that connect all the mysteries to the fiesta and the Black Horse Campground. But the threads turn into a net that could snare Corrie and her friends in a deadly trap!

On A Dark Deadly Highway
The seventh book in the series


When RaeLynn Shaffer is found on the highway near the Black Horse Campground—drugged, beaten, and unconscious—the mystery behind her disappearance weeks earlier only grows deeper. Soon it’s apparent that she wasn’t meant to be found alive… and what she knows could be fatal to the people she cares about… especially campground owner, Corrie Black.

Despite the fact that RaeLynn can’t identify her kidnappers, Bonney Police Detective J.D. Wilder and Bonney County Sheriff Rick Sutton take their hunt to find RaeLynn’s assailants across the state of New Mexico to find out who wanted her dead and why… and how her return puts Corrie in their crosshairs.

As they investigate deeper, deadly connections come to light and a dangerous storm puts the entire village in peril as desperate men take violent measures to silence RaeLynn and everyone who tries to help her. Corrie, Rick, and J.D. put their lives on the line to save RaeLynn but can they find out who was behind her kidnapping… and what it is they’re willing to kill for?

The Heat of the Moment
The eighth book in the series 


Heat of the moment copy[1241].jpg

While the harsh winter winds aren't blowing any snow--or visitors--to the Black Horse Campground, a different storm front is moving in, bringing cold, hard truths to Corrie Black, Sheriff Rick Sutton, and Detective J.D. Wilder.

The lack of guests isn’t as big a threat to the future of Corrie’s campground as Rick’s ex-wife, Meghan—who now owns Corrie’s insurance company and is poised to take advantage of Corrie’s dire financial situation and shut down her campground…

Meanwhile, Rick is faced with shocking news about Meghan’s past, proving his marriage to her was invalid, which means he could possibly resume his relationship with Corrie—until the person with the proof ends up dead...

Now Meghan holds the key to Rick’s freedom AND the power to save the Black Horse from ruin, but she’s willing to relinquish them both—for a price. Is it too high for Rick to pay? And to what lengths will he go to secure a future for Corrie… and himself?

And where does J.D. fit in all of this?

Tempers flare along with increasing fire danger in the area until a raging inferno of emotions and flames jeopardize the Black Horse and the lives of those connected with it!

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