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Where murder might be a mystery...

but love, friendship, and loyalty aren't!

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The eighth book in the

Black Horse Campground mystery series!

It's the coldest time of the year but things are about to heat up in Bonney County....

The Heat
of the Moment

A Black Horse Campground Mystery

Heat of the moment copy[1241].jpg

While the harsh winter winds aren't blowing any snow--or visitors--to the Black Horse Campground, a different storm front is moving in, bringing cold, hard truths to Corrie Black, Sheriff Rick Sutton, and Detective J.D. Wilder.

The lack of guests isn’t as big a threat to the future of Corrie’s campground as Rick’s ex-wife, Meghan—who now owns Corrie’s insurance company and is poised to take advantage of Corrie’s dire financial situation and shut down her campground…

Meanwhile, Rick is faced with shocking news about Meghan’s past, proving his marriage to her was invalid, which means he could possibly resume his relationship with Corrie—until the person with the proof ends up dead...

Now Meghan holds the key to Rick’s freedom AND the power to save the Black Horse from ruin, but she’s willing to relinquish them both—for a price. Is it too high for Rick to pay? And to what lengths will he go to secure a future for Corrie… and himself?

And where does J.D. fit in all of this?

Tempers flare along with increasing fire danger in the area until a raging inferno of emotions and flames jeopardize the Black Horse and the lives of those connected with it!

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