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The seventh book in the

Black Horse Campground mystery series!

The sudden reappearance of a kidnapping victim in the middle of the night turns into a nightmarish race to find answers before her kidnappers return to finish what they started….

On a Dark

Deadly Highway

A Black Horse Campground Mystery


When RaeLynn Shaffer is found on the highway near the Black Horse Campground—drugged, beaten, and unconscious—the mystery behind her disappearance weeks earlier only grows deeper. Soon it’s apparent that she wasn’t meant to be found alive… and what she knows could be fatal to the people she cares about… especially campground owner, Corrie Black.

Despite the fact that RaeLynn can’t identify her kidnappers, Bonney Police Detective J.D. Wilder and Bonney County Sheriff Rick Sutton take their hunt to find RaeLynn’s assailants across the state of New Mexico to find out who wanted her dead and why… and how her return puts Corrie in their crosshairs.

As they investigate deeper, deadly connections come to light and a dangerous storm puts the entire village in peril as desperate men take violent measures to silence RaeLynn and everyone who tries to help her. Corrie, Rick, and J.D. put their lives on the line to save RaeLynn but can they find out who was behind her kidnapping… and what it is they’re willing to kill for?